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I believe that learning is an experiential process. It’s about immersing your mind and body into a new process and watching as surprises unfold physically and intellectually. As an artist with a background in dance, I work organically and kinesthetically with my subject matter. When I am creating, I strongly believe in the idea of allowing the piece to speak, I am intuitive in my creative process and it is necessary to stay present at every turn in the creative process. I strive to create a similar environment in the classroom. I believe that all good lesson plans have an element of ‘choose your own adventure’ to them, this idea enables each of my classes to have the option to be specifically for what the students need or desire from the class. It is important to me that my students learn about themselves and how they relate to the world around them as well as an understanding of the subject at hand. I believe in fostering curiosity in the classroom and encouraging an active discourse about the subject.

​• Performance Art for Solo Performers: how to be onstage and get your point across.

• Camp it up!: An overview of the use of camp and its importance in Burlesque and Beyond.

• Eye Contact and Sensuality: Experiential class about eye contact and all that goes into it. 

• Act Development: A three day workshop focusing on developing a performance from beginning to end.

• Burlesque Floorwork: Dance class that centers on floorwork.

• History of Burlesque: From Lydia Thompson to Lady Gaga: A history of the last 100 years of Burlesque.

• Choreography for Burlesque: Basics of choreography for Burlesque.

• Exotic Dance: Dance class featuring movements of exotic dancers.

• Twerk-Out: High energy dance class centering around Twerking.

• Lap Dancing: An introduction to lap dance.

• Queer Nightlife Performance: A one semester (15 week)  upper level undergraduate course that discusses the history, politics and practice of Queer Nightlife Performance Art in New York City. 

**In addition to the following group classes, I offer private and semi private classes for performers of all kinds. 

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